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Posted by arthur on June 25, 2017

No matter where in the world you are, the music business is a challenging road to trod. But, Jamaican born recording artiste Ruffi, has no intentions of letting up on his dreams of big things. Ruffi the recording artiste, the songwriter and the entrepreneur, takes the timeout to ‘Stylz It’.

Stylz It: Tell us about your background and how did you get started in reggae music?

RUFFI: Well, my grandfather was a drummer he use to even make drums but more overall there was a group of guys that always going out to DJ on a sound system call Phoenix Supreme and I always tag along and touch the mic now and then whenever they let me. So that's how I really got started by going around that group of guys and Phoenix Supreme sound.

Stylz It: Your song “Life”, did you write it? And, what was your inspiration to write the song?

RUFFI: The song Life was written by me under the guidance of my producer Richie Loop, Smallboxx Records who put in about 20% of the writing. The inspiration came from my real life living in Jamaica and now living in the U.S., it's the same thing. Life is hard and rough. 

Stylz It: What is the best compliment you have gotten about your music?

RUFFI: People also say I can flow very well on riddims, I have a good voice and my songs are very uplifting like BILLS, SUFFER, FUNERAL DAY and LIFE are very uplifting songs.

Stylz It: What is the reggae scene like in Florida? Do you get the same reaction you would in Jamaica?

RUFFI: Yes pretty much the same, because Florida is almost like Jamaica except for the fact that you don't really find parties going on till 8 a.m. in the morning. The weather is wonderful so it's always an outdoor party .The same selectors that plays in Jamaica plays in Florida it's always a party going on just like Jamaica. 

Stylz It: Who are your Musical influences?

RUFFI: Bounty Killer is my idol from I was young growing up and still is; I love 90% of the things he stands for as a super talented reggae artist. 50 Cent and P. Diddy also because they are two good artist and they are very business minded and I consider myself to be as well.

Stylz It: Have you worked with any of the top producers from Jamaica? What advice have you gotten from them?

RUFFI: Well I have worked with Kevin "Payday" Green. He does a lot of production for Bounty Killer and Alliance and he always reminded me to keep working hard because I will make it and never give up on music.

Stylz It: Can you give us some insight as to the origin of the title of the EP “Progress Diversify?”

RUFFI: Well my producer Richie Loop, Smallboxx Records, came up with that name and we all agreed up on it, but the name really generated from where I’m coming from to where I’m at now, it's a huge progress in their eyes and my eyes so we just call it PROGRESS DIVERSIFY. 

Stylz It: What is the vision you have for the “Ruffi” Brand? Will there be merchandise available?

RUFFI: Yes, it goes back to what I said before; I’m a business minded person. The Ruffi brand is already in the making but not bringing it to the forefront as yet. One thing about the U.S., you can do anything you want to do here. Basically,

you’re not limited, your options are endless but again it's not easy. It is very hard because there is no one here that will assist in you in everything.

Stylz It: Who would you like to Collaborate with in Jamaica and in the United States?

RUFFI: In Jamaica it has to be Bounty Killer and Busy Signal. If I were to do collaborations here in the states, it would have to be 50 Cent and Usher. That would be a great crossover for Dancehall/Reggae and Hip Hop/RNB

Stylz It: What advice do you have to give to the upcoming artist who is trying to get that breakthrough in the music industry?

RUFFI: Keep pushing on and never give up. Keep active on the music scene all year around. Record quality music and ensure that mixing and mastering is done. Whenever you’re shooting music videos go for the best quality and just keep working non-stop. Don’t wait on people or producers to do it for you, it's your career you have to go for what you want and get it and you will get help along the way, help will not come if you sit back, that's my advice to you cause I am doing the same right now.



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