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Posted by arthur on February 23, 2015

Euphoria can be defined as the state of extra ordinary happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. That’s the experience you get when listening to Mr. Vegas brand new album “Reggae Euphoria”. A compilation which has different moods for everyone for all occasions; Mr. Vegas shows his musical versatility on this album. Stylz It was afforded the opportunity to speak with Mr. Vegas about the album, his career and the state of the music. Get ready for a Euphoric Experience as Mr. Vegas is about to Stylz It!!

Stylz It: How did the concept of Reggae Euphoria come about?

MV: The name "Reggae Euphoria" means an intense happiness, deep joy. I worked on this album when I was in a very bad state of mind. Working on the album took me out of that dark place. 


Stylz It: I noticed on this album the legendary producer Danny Browne is behind most of the tracks. How did you manage to get him to do this project?

MV:  I reached out to Danny Browne, because he is the producer that has given me my biggest hit "heads high". This album has an extensive variety and I knew it was going to be something the entire family can enjoy so I was not worried that he would say no. I knew he would love the concept. 


Stylz It: Two songs on the album which drew attention are “Love Yourself” and “Plastic Dolly” which speaks of females who don’t love themselves (both morally and physically), and women who alter their outer appearance and are not proud of who they are. Do you think some of our Jamaican women are suffering from an identity crisis?

MV: I cannot just single out Jamaican women, the world is suffering from an identity crisis. In the era that we are living in, people are doing anything to become popular.  


Stylz It: Ever since you came out with “More Love” in 2005, there seems to be an ever growing spiritual side to Mr. Vegas and following up with “I’m Blessed” among others, and now on this album there are “Mr. Shotta” and “Hallelujah”. Are we seeing a transition of Clifford Smith coming closer to God or is it just your versatility?

MV: I am always close to God.  If I get any closer, he will show me a burning bush, like what he did to Moses.  I have matured musically and enjoy doing music that can touch people's soul. My next album may be all spiritual. 


Stylz It: With a successful career standing at 17 years: How do you stay competitive among the young acts of dancehall?  

MV: I don't try to compete with the new dancehall acts. I do try to educate people on the importance of putting music over hype. I just try to work with good producers, so I can put out good material. 


Stylz It: You’ve been known to be an artiste who speaks his mind especially on social network and in most cases it sparks controversy to some. Don’t you think this can damage your career to some extent?

MV: I have learned in recent times, to let some things that bother me go. I am not worried about damaging my career. If I speak my mind and people don't want to hear me anymore, it simply means, they didn't want to hear me in the first place. I am a well behaved law abiding citizen and I am going to keep it this way. 


Stylz It: On the “Sweet Jamaica” and “Reggae Euphoria” album you sampled a lot of work done by legendary musicians before your time (Alton Ellis, Desmond Dekker etc.) Where you pay respect to the ones who pave the way for you. What are your views on our upcoming artistes not showing respect to the great fathers and mothers of Reggae/Dancehall music?

MV: I am a big Alton Ellis fan. I do pay respect to the greats. Maybe others that don't pay respect don't know about the greats’ work. 


Stylz It: What are you hoping to achieve after this album?

MV: I hope people will get the album and every track will become a hit. I would like to tour major venues and rock the whole album globally.  


Stylz It: With a solid catalogue of hit songs and great albums from “Heads High” all the way to “Reggae Euphoria”; What’s the legacy you would like to leave in Reggae/Dancehall music?

MV: I would like my legacy to be about helping others, not just through music, but also through resources that allowed others to reach their dream and fulfill their needs.  



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