28 February 2024


Born 23 February 1982, Jermaine ‘DJ Stain’ Pryce was a curious young lad that was forced to staying indoors due to asthma related health issues. There at home the radio became his only company as family and friends explored the adventures of their childhood.

 DJ Stain started his musical journey in the early 90's, making cassette tapes of popular dancehall artistes and then moved on to buying his own vinyl records in stores with savings he had from lunch moneys. He then practiced his juggling skills by making mix tapes from his cassettes and vinyl.

Persons who know Jermaine as Blood Stain, a Titchfield High School aspired dancehall artiste who Pokiesfrequently visited the Native Recording Studios now home of Stylz FM, would undoubtedly say his destiny was written on the studio walls.

DJ Stain is known in the nightclubs and street dances for his crowd engaging vibes and witty cross genre mixes. He now take that said energy to the studio of Stylz FM and making the worldwide listeners awed by his juggling style and persona.

Raised by his grandmother DJ Stain adapted the humility principles of elders, and carries an easygoing attitude that makes him approachable in any setting and is loved by the ladies.

If you see DJ Stain in the street just say “NO FINGER PRINT!!!!”


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