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Back to humility. After doing most of their recordings in Port Antonio Jamaica, in November of 2009, Cee Gee and his management decided to relocate a part of their operations to Kingston City when they learnt that prominent Jamaican producer Mario C of 357 Records was impressed with Cee Gee’s talent after he got hold of a street album produced by Rudelikedat Entertainment with exclusive rhythms made by Kali Btz for their debut project called “Stayin’ Alive – Street Testimony”. Mario C viewed him a star immediately.

Since being at 357 Records Cee Gee has written fully and partially a host of songs for the King of the Dancehall Beenie Man. These include “Go-Go Club”, “Million Gyal”, “Badmind People”, “Gimme That Love” and “My Life So Happy”, just to name a few. In addition to this feat, Cee Gee has collaborated with Beenie Man in released tracks like “Roll Pan It” produced by Notnice Records, and “Mars Mi Gone” produced by MD Entertainment, and other hot tracks that yet to be released. In addition to this feat Cheston Grossett (Cee Gee) is acknowledged for his songwriter contribution on Nicki Minaj’s latest album for the track titled “Gun Shot”; a collaboration between Nicki and Beenie Man. Not many artistes’ catalogue is as colorful with as much solid collaboration with any dancehall icons. Talk about icons, the producer of “You Have Caught Me” by Dennis Brown at Finatic Records, sought after Cee Gee to collaborate in a trio with Trini Jacobs and Dennis Brown, to remake the hit track for Trini Jacobs’ album.

Undoubtedly a good songwriter, Cee Gee’s 2011 hit song “A Smaddy Dem” was originally written with the hopes of being performed by Bounty Killer. However the producer’s futile attempts to contact the Warlord was made good by Cee Gee’s astounding performances on both the audio and music video releases. With the momentum still at a high, Cee Gee connected solidly with dancehall when he recorded “Kill” which is a now hot dub-plate for sound system operators.

The hits didn’t stop there, in 2013 mega producer Kurt Riley released the Animal Instinct Riddim which included Cee Gee’s “Sittn Sittn”, and on the Decibels Riddim Cee Gee surprised producer ZJ Chrome with “Chat Some Supn”. And in 2014 U.S. producers David Ferrari and Paul Mice featured Cee Gee on their record titled “In Miami”. Cee Gee is also featured in “Back Pocket Rag” by Jamaican artiste/producer Xyclone based in U.S.

Cee Gee’s performances as a recording artiste has raised him to being a consistent sought after by producers/record labels locally and internationally. It is rather impressive to find the vast number of compilation projects on which Cee Gee has a track released, and the caliber of artistes with whom he shares these accomplishments. “I Like Her” featuring Delus by Frankie Music, “Love It Off” on the Mercury Riddim by Snow Cone, “Money Song” on Slow Rush Riddim by Dejavu Record; “Dancehall Eminem” on World Quake Riddim by Kimichi Records; “Nuh Markings” on Raw Soul by 357 Records; “Lyrics A Drain Outta Mi Head” on Steppings Riddim by Romiech Records; “Cyaa Gi Mi Nuh Hail” on 12 to 12 Riddim by 12 to 12 Records; “Martian Kombat” on Flawless Victory by Mad Media; “You’re Evil” featuring Mutabaruka on Epicenta by Notice Production; “A Nuh Kill” on Hottest Riddim by 357 Records; “Neat & Clean” and “Knock It” on Stardom Riddim by Streets Entertainment; “Mars Mi Gone” on Beenie & Friends by MD Entertainment and 357 Records; “Me Got Da Key” on Off The Bench by Fire Links; “Martian Wayz” on Chune Riddim by Drop Da Bass; “Giving Bullets” on War Circle by Gesta Music; “Hustle Game” on True Colour by Mad Media; and “Party Like A Rock Star” on Yard Swag Riddim by 357 Records and Corey Todd Records. There are many other already recorded songs to be released by prominent producers namely Skatta Burrell, Don Corleon, TJ Records, and Mixpack Records.

As hardcore a dancehall artiste he is, Cee Gee is equally an inspiration to many people worldwide. Song like “Greatest Unknown”, “Fight”, “Cryin’ Tears”, “Stayin’ Alive”, “Where I Live” and “A Smaddy Dem” have touched the heart of the common man and motivated them to strive to achieve.

Cee Gee’s SMCR™ (SHOW MY CREW RESPECT) slogan has now become a popular among his fans; and as such, SMCR branded T-shirts are enjoying worldwide demand. Cee Gee’s entrepreneurial instinct has pushed him to explore an online reality series titled SMCR Episodes 1, 2 & 3. The reality series gives you behind the scenes daily life of the Martian in the studio, video shoot and in the streets. And the release of Cee Gee’s highly anticipated SMCR Mix Tape, didn’t disappoint the fans and critics have nothing but good to say; it’s a must have. This mix tape is viewed as the most compacted and energetic compilation of hits by a single artiste in recent times for dancehall music.

With all these accolades Cee Gee’s natural humility allows him time to maintain interest in his fans and converse with them on Facebook and Twitter. Cee Gee embraces the business of music wholesomely, and reserves all such undertaking to his management team (use email link rudelikedat@gmail.com).

To learn more about Cee Gee the ‘Martian’ and ‘The Martian Movement’, Martianize yourself at:
Twitter: @ceegeemusic
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/3fovkph
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ceegeemusic

Booking Contact:
(876) 844 6531 - Rudelikedat Entertainment / rudelikedat@gmail.com
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