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Posted by arthur on February 23, 2015

It is the typical journey for a Jamaican artiste to start from humble beginnings in abject poverty and defy the odds to become one of the top names in dancehall. But, as cliché as it is, it’s real and is a big accomplishment for those who’ve lived it. Elements of their successes can be accredited to them focusing on their natural talents, dedication to its development, understanding the business, and stopping at nothing to reach the ultimate goal.

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Posted by arthur on February 03, 2015

Though both Reggae and Dancehall Music are referred to as Jamaican Music; often times the genre of Dancehall has been compared to that of Reggae music in an unfavourable light.

Reggae Dancehall duo RDX has taken a stand to defend the genre in their latest single ‘Dancehall’, which was produced by Apartment 19 Music. 

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Posted by arthur on January 23, 2015

New Millionaires recording artiste Sanchez has been hard at work in the studio.

He recently released a solo single, Food For The Brain, on the New Millionaire Entertainment label.

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Posted by arthur on January 28, 2014

It is always fascinating to meet people whose life’s journey can do nothing but encourage and motivate others to chase their dreams, even if the mission takes you back to your roots. Stylz It had the privilege to Keep It Real with attorney at law, Janene Laing, who not only has a legal mind but also is a spotter of fine art.


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