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Stylz FM Fanfusion Party is now in its fifth staging, and is scheduled for Saturday July 7, 2018. Fanfusion Party is Stylz FM way letting its listeners know that we appreciate them, by giving them the opportunity of meeting and greeting their favorite Stylz FM personalities and also for them to get to know each other as fans whose names are frequently mentioned on-air. 

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Posted by arthur on November 06, 2017

How did your musical career begin?

I started as a selector at age 14, then transitioned to a producer/songwriter.  In 2007 I became a professional recording artist. 


Tell us a bit about your new release, "Big Bucks."
Big Bucks is a song about people getting money and being proud of their accomplishments no matter what people say. Embrace who you are, love yourself and live your life .


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Posted by arthur on October 16, 2017

Stylz FM Wellness Fair and Blood Drive will take place on October 27, 2017 at Neville Antonio Park, Port Antonio, Portland, under the theme ‘Live Well... Live Long... Live Strong’.

The objective of the event is aimed at strengthening our communities by increasing their awareness of a healthy lifestyle, to promote health and wellness as a means of living longer, provide screenings, financial wellness, and donation of blood.

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Posted by arthur on October 08, 2017

When did you start recording / performing your music?

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Posted by arthur on September 28, 2017

Stylz It one-on-one discussion with Patrick "Curly-Lox" Gaynor, one half of the Twin of Twins duo, was very enlightening, as it relates to his views and concerns about the state of the music industry, and other issues. Stylz It now brings you the other half of one of the most controversial team in dancehall, Paul "Tu-Lox" Gaynor; often described by fans as the "Quiet one in the Twins". He had a lot to say to Stylz It! 


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Posted by arthur on September 21, 2017

After recent billboard success with the latest installment of the Stir It up Vol.11 Mixtape. Stylz It recently had a discussion with Patrick (Curly Lox ) Gaynor, one half of the musical duo Twin of Twins where we discussed the music industry, the art of songwriting, the state of Jamaica as it relates to crime and much more. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Stylz It!

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Posted by arthur on June 25, 2017

No matter where in the world you are, the music business is a challenging road to trod. But, Jamaican born recording artiste Ruffi, has no intentions of letting up on his dreams of big things. Ruffi the recording artiste, the songwriter and the entrepreneur, takes the timeout to ‘Stylz It’.

Stylz It: Tell us about your background and how did you get started in reggae music?

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Posted by arthur on April 30, 2017
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Posted by arthur on April 18, 2016

Coach Mark is a successful Jamaican entrepreneur who has no reservations in coaching people into becoming successful. He’s a true motivator, an author, an athletic coach and a public speaker. Who knows his future better than he does, but lets not rule out government office.


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