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Posted by arthur on October 08, 2017

When did you start recording / performing your music?

Well, I start recording when I was about 20, but I started writing music when I was about 15 or 16, that's when I start puttin' lyrics to paper with my pen. I started in music because I love music. Music is one of my first love. Of the three careers I was thinking about, I chose music. I wanted to be a boxer, realized I didn't have the chance, I didn't see the opportunity, really. I wanted to be a soldier also, but coming up I think about the soldiers in Jamaica, in Upper Camp, and I realized they are just there until violence kick off in Jamaica and then they might go into the Ghetto to fight the gun men, but I think about going to war and I realize we not going into no war. I don't wanna just sit down inna camp, driving in cars up and down in day time, you know, I want to fight, haha, so you know I decided the best thing to do is music. I really never try anything before. I was doing a little farming when I was a little youth, also, planting vegetables, but really it was just music.


Tell us a bit about your new release, "In It To Win It."

I wrote this song on my own, sitting back one day in my room, relaxing. Thinkin' about how hard and how much it take out of me to really get myself established worldwide in this music and where I was coming from and how hard it was for me during the day, long walking, and no bus fare, from where I used to live to Kingston, because I used to be in the countryside in Rock Hall. Watching TV, seeing Usain Bolt, that is a youth that came from the country, just like me, from Trelawny, seeing him breaking all these records, I was thinking, really thinking deep about how hard it is and how dedicated we must be, you know, for us who don't come from seeing the riches, to survive and make it in this world, when we decide to go honest and work hard. I was just thinking about it and then I decide to take up the pen and paper and decide to, you know, write that little history that I been through, I went through...the whole inspiration of the thing just come through in the writing . i know its going to be very inspiring for whoever decide to listen. A positive and good thing. Who want to make it in life, who want to be successful? You have to roll up your sleeves, go out there, don't give up, don't give in, stay in to it, give God thanks, work hard, and you know, you'll reach your goal. Thats my 100% belief.


Can you describe your musical style, and how it is unique?

My musical style is like mixing a real lovely tropical drink when its 99 degrees, seen? It's a mixture of reggae, dancehall, and RnB type of vibe, you na mean, put together. It's a pleasure to the ears, so i would say it's a mixture of different music because the way i used to listen to music comin up, I used to listen to dancehall, I used to love to listen to Yellowman, or how you realize how Bob Marley sing, and how Yellowman a do him ting, then you have Lionel Richie and the Commodores and you have Stevie Wonder. I used to love that kind of music. That just become like one, all of them together come like one to me. That's why most of the time I come out with music sounding that way, it's a mixture.


Do you have any new projects with specific artists or producers that you'd like to mention?

Yes, you know, I'm working on an EP. I'll be back in the studio next week with Blankie to start doing a little more recording. I have a few songs already so I just want to finish up the recording. On the album, I might have a song with my brothers, Richie Spice and Spanner Banner, and I have a little brother named Natural Lion, him is a deejay s I might have him along with me, Richie, and Spanner on a single. I'd like this album to be a good album, profitable album, a record that the world love, I always think about that when I make music. When I do something I like it to be done good and established the real way, ya understand?


Anything else you’d like to tell the people?

What I love to tell my fans is to be your brothers keeper and to share the love, right? Enjoy with each other, right? Because life is short so while we live we love and we give and be caring to each other. Well I can say I never do drugs before inna my life, don't have that experience, but I have seen what drugs have done to friends of mine and people in the business of music. So I like to say to my fans: Stay far away from that as far away as you can because I love you. Keep supporting good music and the good music I do, and support positivity, so the children can grow in positive vibration. And I say Love, God Live, Bless.



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